Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wasn't I A Rock Scribe At One Time Part Deu!

Last night I stayed up to late updating my itunes and ipod software and loading like 15 new albums onto my robot friend. I also finally took the podcast plunge and started subscribing to a few. Currently I am sitting in the Bank Street College of Education library killing time, so why not take a trip to random again. At least Listmaker enjoys it! And just to prove how Rock and Roll I am I just got asked to turn down my Ipod, which is the second time that has happened in this stuffy old bibloteca!

Gram Parsons Juanita Return of the Grevious Angel.
This cut comes curtesy of the promo only disc that comes with the tribute album containg all the original versions covered on the regular release. This release is highly collectible now, fetching $50 on ebay. NICE!

The Tyde Blood Brothers Rough Trade Records Sampler
This song is the whoa-is-me tale of never was rockers flogging the dead horse dreams of Rock stardom. The Tyde is basicaly the alter ego of The Beachwood Sparks. Their are two brothers at the heart of both bands who take turns leading/supporting eachother under the two monikers. Great choice following Parsons....the ipod is spooky that way...I need to name my ghost in the machine...I shall call him CAL.

The No-Talents French Girl Want Some More
Two posts, two No-Talents songs....go figure. The title describes the band perfectly, only plural. From the same French punk rock tree as Steve & the Jerks...its a very small tree.

The Penetrators Teenage Lifestyle Basement Anthology
One of my fave discoveries of 2005. These retards were the Syracuse, NY chapter of the 70's Proto Punk Revolution. Very Dictators/Gizmos. Always funny, always rocking always poorly played and sung. All key ingrediants for me.

Soloman Burke Can't Nobody Love You If You Need Me
Soloman is a living legend, and child producing maching I think his sperm output between children and grandchildren is in the triple digits. Soloman might be my fave of all the 60's soul legends. His Joe Henry produced comeback on Anti a few years back is on of the best albums of the 2000's.

The Bryds Lady Friend Box Set disc 2
Lilting psychadelic ballad with all the byrdisms in a cool 2 min 38 seconds. Who says lady friend nowadays. Someone should bring that back.

Go To Blazes Why I Drink Rig Rock Juke Box
In my alt country hey days of 94-96 I loved this song by this D.C. barband. Now I kind of think its sucks. Def a canidate to come off CAL when I need the space.

The Chiffons Nobody Knows Whats Goin On In My Head But Me One Kiss Can Lead To...Rhino Girl Group Box Set
Turn off the computer, walk out side, knock over a bodega and use the cash to go buy this NOW! Or call in some favors and bloodoaths to get one from the "industry" like I did. This is the best box set OF ALL TIME! I am planning on writing up a whole post on this at some time.

Mayflies USA Sodium Pentothal
I used to hate this band. Than I saw the the light, maybe it was old age, maybe they just got better, maybe it was that the asshole owner of Luna Lounge stopped talking about them to me when I was a record jerk at Stooz. Whatever. This song dates back to the era I thought they sucked but this is now one of my favorite songs on CAL. Very M. Sweet/Teenage Fanclub which is a-ok in my view, they even mention Tuesday Weld (Girlfriend cover vixen) in the song....coincidence?

The Candy Snatchers Haunted Road S/T
I guess CAL wanted to shake things up with a punch to the face! These hooligans represent an era of my life that has pased, so their drunk, coke fueled rock and rants are like weathered photos now. Not really enjoyed in the fullest in the Bank Street Library......ah the old days...

Dale Watson Never Ever Dreamland
This guy should be a king on country radio, but then I again I should be the editor of Rolling Stone. Some things just don't work out and were'nt suppossed to anyway. Like the song says "Never Ever". Dale croons it Merle Haggard style and writes great songs. Check it out, if your doors swing that way.

Yo La Tengo My Little Corner of the World Gilmore Girls Soundtrack
One of the most romantic songs in the indie rock cannon. Basically same music as "Dream A Little Dream" but who cares. If you listened close enough this gem played during the cocktail period at my wedding. OK you can all puke now.

The Penatrators Sweet Soul Music (Live) Basement Anthology
A beautifuly inept cover of this soul classic. Sad to listen to b/c of the lines "do you like Lou Rawls" and "do you like Wilson Pickett" as both have died in the last few months.

Zodiac Killers Feed It To Your Mom The Most Thrilling Experience
This is some negativity in a 52 second blast. This band thrives on bad attitude. God luv'em!

Soloman Burke If You Need Me If You Need SB Anthology
Burke's biggest hit. This kind of music makes like America.

The Mummies Justine Never Been Caught
I skipped this, not b/c I don't love it, but b/c if I can't listen at earsplitting volume, whats the point!

Fountains of Wayne I Know You Well Out of State Plates
This is from a FoW oddities 2 CD collection that came out last year. This song has goofy mushy romantic connotations between me and the old ball and chain. No I am not sharing!

Arthur Gunter Baby Let's Play House Music City Rhythm & Blues
This amazing shuffle blues track comes to me curtesy of a great 2 CD comp that looks at the soul heritage of Nashville, TN. I love this album. The Country Music Hall of Fame also has an exhibit with the same theme. I think this release serves as the audio catalogue. Also contains some lines the Beatles stole for their Rubber Soul closer "Run For Your Life." The lyrics, spooky guitar picking and party rhythm makes this one of the best songs endorsing a paternal society I have ever heard. Male dominance is cool if this is the soundtrack!

The Shazam Gettin' Higher Magnet New Music Sampler
I need to get this bands albums. I worship at the feet of this 70's rawk throw back song. Think Badfinger or Thin Lizzy crossed with the nuggets box set. Amazing chourses, very sing along. This was the one song they played at Little Stevens Gragage Rock festival 2 summers ago and me and Heath Haynes were in heaven. Mary and I play this song 3 times in a row every road trip we take. I just started the song again, b/c once is never enough. Is that Will Farrell on cowbell......."Rock and Roll is All I Got" Sing it brother!

OK I gotta sign off, the librarian just asked if I could stop beating a rythm on the keyboard and my pathetic energy bar on CAL is running dangerously low....need enough juice for the ride home

Gettin Higher Everyday,
Chris Larry

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wasn't I Rock Scribe at One Time?

Most of the music listening in my life is on my ipod, on constant random. I dump new songs and albums onto it regularly but I never seem to listen to an artist/band/album in one listen. Just set it to random and let fly. For this reason its difficult for me to say what I am listening to at any one time, my life is an algorythm. And I like that so here is a recent recap, MAS-Style.

Lou Barlow Monkey Begun Emoh:
This album is suprisingly good, at least when I hear one track about once every 7.5 days. This song features simple chord progressions, toy piano and sullen vocals, shocker.

Bad Brains I and I Survive Banned in D.C.
HC legends classic reggea left turn, great guitar playing and political lyrics....like a good version of Rage Against the Machine. I much prefer the more Reggea flavored Bad Brains stuff, sometimes their Hard Core stuff is to aggro for my 33 year old years.

Graham Parker Vanity Press Songs of No Consequence
You can have your Elvis Costello, i'll take the perpetually bitter Parker. He now records on Bloodshot records and has released two great albums that could bitch slap EC's last 20 years of input. This rocker features the Figgs on back up band (as does the entire album) and skewers the publicty crazy entertainment press. All my fave elements, jangly guitars, mean spirited lyrics and pretty harmonies.

The Ponys Trouble Trouble Laced With Romance
This album i liked, thought was kind of lame, accusssed of plagerism, rediscovered, now love. In that order. Their new album has so far dissapointed, but who knows maybe I need to have the same kind of metamorphising relationship as I did with this one. Trouble Trouble features everything that makes this band good.

The No Talents I Don't Wanna Grow Up Want Some More!
As today brings another semester of graduate school, I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. French blasts of estrogen punk.

Deadly Snakes I Can't Take It I'm Not Your Soldier.
Canadian rock band produced by Greg Oblivion. Great album of balls out bar punk and roll. Organ player is a lunatic. Always thought of these dudes as Canadian Greenhornes. This track is a great snotty call & response number.

Paul Kelly If I Could Start This Day Again Nothing But A Dream.
I wish Paul Kelly, the Go Betweens and Graham Parker would tour together, "One Aussie, a Kiwi and some english bloke Tour." I don't know why, I just think it would work. This is one melencholoy tune by this long time songwriter. Makes you want to go back to bed. This album is a great little gem released by Mooney's old syndicate SpinArt.

FM Knives 20/20 Useless and Modern
Matt Army turned me on to this outfit. Thanks big guy! Great bratty pop punk. Very Edxploding Hearts. This song never draws the "next button."

Thin Lizzy Whiskey In the Jar Some collection...
Hands down, best Irish Rock and Roll band of all time. Cause of the "Great Phil Lynott Riot at Stooz Records circa 1998" This remake of a traditional Irish folk song is so good little ink need be shed. The lead guitar in this version is melodic perfection.

John Fogerty She's Got Baggage Deja Vue All Over Again
This album rocks. Fogerty is a legend. This track finds JF channelling Joey and Johnny Ramone. No seriously, "Hey Ho Say It Ain't So/She Called Me Up and Than Put Me On Hold" Huge power chords, chanting, downstroked guitars and funny mental patient lyrics. Deja Vue All Over Again was one of the funniest albums of 2005.

John Doe Mama Don't Forever Hasn't Happened Yet.
My wife is his publicist. Its rare I actually like a record/artist she works (sorry hun...) but this album is great and def his best solo album since his first "Meet John Doe" (an album I also love.) This song is very late period arericana X. Soaring girl/boy harmonies strummed guitars and urgent energy. Thanks John for allowing me not to lie to my wife!

Mathew Sweet I Love You Kimi Ga Suki
This tune is from his Japanese fan club album. Was eventually issues here as well. One of his best albums in 15 years! If your an unapologetic fan of his, as I am, this song/album is great pay off! I just read he is doing an album of 60's pop duets with Sussanna Hoffs of the Bangels. I can't wait!

The Byrds Roll Over Bethoven Disc 2 Byrds Box Set
I LOVE the Byrds, love this song. Don't love this version.

Sloan The Rest of My Life A Sides Win
Another tour I would actually leave house for: Sloan and Foutains of Wayne. Sloan would headline because they have a more dynamic stage show. I have all of Sloans albums, but being as they are a great singles band this collection is like free sex with a hooker, just plain fun! These dudes are mega stars in Canada and they have the hooks and choruses to prove it. Check out the bonus DVD that comes with this release. They make GREAT videos.

The Mummies The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody Never Been Caught
Ah the Mummies, how great were thee. This instrumental keeps the instrumental tradition of song titles you wish had lyrics. I love how on this CD version you can still hear the needle and vinyl noise.

Chris Bell I Am the Cosmos DIY Come Out and Play American Power Pop
This song needs no comments.

MTX Elizabeth or Fight Yesterday Rules
This album confuses me Have Mr. T Experience broken up, changed their name, why didnt Dr. Frank just go solo. This confusion hinders me from enjoying, especially this song.

OK have to stop, willcontinue later!

Chris "Captain Random" Larry

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Somoan Power!!!!!

So alas after a valiant 6 game surge the mighty Washington Redskins have fallen. The season was a rollercoaster redskins nation has yearned to ride for fifteen years. So I beamed with pride when I read this section of a Washington Post post season wrap up article about one of my fave players, the new Dave Butz, Joe "Somaon Power" Salvae'a

Defensive tackle Joe Salave'a says he will attempt to avoid surgery for as long as he can. Salave'a played through left plantar fasciitis, and said he performed "self-surgery" that allowed him to play through the injury. He also appeared to have been playing with a fractured toe.

"These guys [Redskins' medical staff] are so cautious," Salave'a said. "They don't let you do anything. I understand it, but every person has different thresholds. Some people can take more pain than someone else. If I could play, there was no way I wasn't going to play, so I did a little surgery myself. I'm okay."

How hysterical is that. He is my boy! Self surgery?!?!? Reminds me of how I used to dig out ingrown toenails with a protractor in high school. He is one tuff dude, this same injury sidelined Mark Price for his entire Bullets/Wizards career.

Somoan Power also a few weeks back celebrated a big hit against the panty waste Giants by lifting his leg to psuedo-pee like the mutt he is. I can't believe I have to wait until next August to see him and his teamates get back in the pits and make us forget 1992/3.