Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Somoan Power!!!!!

So alas after a valiant 6 game surge the mighty Washington Redskins have fallen. The season was a rollercoaster redskins nation has yearned to ride for fifteen years. So I beamed with pride when I read this section of a Washington Post post season wrap up article about one of my fave players, the new Dave Butz, Joe "Somaon Power" Salvae'a

Defensive tackle Joe Salave'a says he will attempt to avoid surgery for as long as he can. Salave'a played through left plantar fasciitis, and said he performed "self-surgery" that allowed him to play through the injury. He also appeared to have been playing with a fractured toe.

"These guys [Redskins' medical staff] are so cautious," Salave'a said. "They don't let you do anything. I understand it, but every person has different thresholds. Some people can take more pain than someone else. If I could play, there was no way I wasn't going to play, so I did a little surgery myself. I'm okay."

How hysterical is that. He is my boy! Self surgery?!?!? Reminds me of how I used to dig out ingrown toenails with a protractor in high school. He is one tuff dude, this same injury sidelined Mark Price for his entire Bullets/Wizards career.

Somoan Power also a few weeks back celebrated a big hit against the panty waste Giants by lifting his leg to psuedo-pee like the mutt he is. I can't believe I have to wait until next August to see him and his teamates get back in the pits and make us forget 1992/3.