Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Know some people don't read comments so...

I originally wrote this in the comments in my last post but I figured maybe it would be good to bump it to the bigs and keep the discourse going! Enjoy!


I got your jokes and love your points! I am curious what those 10-15 songs are that you love and why. I have a lot of respect for rap/hip hop, especially its past. But current hip hop/rap is sick to the core and bankrupt of all soul as is modern rnb. Its like rock was in the early 80's. I hate being the "it was better when" guy but this is sadly the case. Here in NYC I see the fallout of modern hip hop on all races and its gross. Also the music stands for nothing and it is creativly used up. Its current stranglehold on tastes and trends is having a disastorus affect. Since U been Gone is a rock song, that is the main reason I like it. And, as I stated in my original post, it is also "rock" in a way that the rock on the charts (like nickelback and the like) is not...ie fun, catchy, danceable, emotional etc. If I hear one more loud/fast eddie vedder rip off OR rnb girl singer with thug guy slogan call & response I think I might walk into a bus. Lately my tastes have been boreing deeper into the vaults as I listen to lots of old country, blues, jazz, soul, classic rock and punk and in a way it DEPRESSES ME. I shouldnt be living in old musty librarys, I wish I could like more modern stuff in all genres (dont get me started on new hipster bands either, they make Lil' John appatizing!)

So I guess thats why, and I am not sure about the rest of the blogosphere, Since U been gone was so refreshing to me because it shook me out of the dusty archives for a few minutes.

Ps: Yo Youthlarge, thanks for getting my back, us HATERS gotta stay together. Respek!

Yours in curmugery,
Old Man Larry