Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I am back baby!

I got the student teaching behind me and now I have moved on to my internship at the Museum of Television and Radio which gives me more computer time to write and read blogs. So I promise to be a more frequent contributer!!!!!! Sorry for my long break, life happens so get off my back!!!!!!!!!!!

Also the election and Iraq and bieng poor and the redskins and winter all had me so BILED out I couldn't even spew but I am feeling more myself recently so get ready. Also I have to break the habit of feeling like each blog has to be hit out of the park (almost fantasy baseball season!) and just do quick hits and links like everyone else.

One sad note is that I retired my Tmobile Sidekick because of the bill. I still stand by the fact that it was great and a good bargain, but the Tmobile 1 broke constantly and I couldnt afford the Tmobile 2.......instead I have the DVR and Sirius Satellite Radio so its a good trade of. I love both and I can always email, IM and websurf at any of the three computers I use in my bye bye hand held.....sniffle.....

Let me also say, even though I am using company time to blog, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my internship at MT&R. Everyone on the education staff loves TV, radio, movies, US weekly, Comic Books, History and Record Collecting. I feel like I am home! But I am already getting depressed that this is not my JOB and just and internship. Maybe I can prove that they NEED me on the staff, but of course Blogging and working on the draft of my movie list probably isnt a good way to show that.......

So let me plug an upcoming event: This weekend they are showing the entire series of Wonderfalls which was cancelled after 4 episodes. They will be showing all the unaired episodes. Should be cool but I will be working the Kids animation workshop instead, making flipbooks all day. FUN!

Hard Workin Larry

PS: Movie List coming soon on!