Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Don't count me out!

Damn, take a sabatical to balance, grad school, student teaching, a 40 (well...) hour a week job not to mention writing a ton in these pursuits and a brother gets called out to the matt. Lets review, first List maker has been moving in on my Mom, Whiskey Drinker's muse changed, I get no love on my comments, I am bieng dropped to last place on friends links, and Bush gets elected.

I am so depressed about the world in general. Hope is dead, long live gloom. I have read to many fantasy novels and played to much Dungeons & Dragons not to visualize the creeping dark, the endless winter of raping and pilaging. Bust out the plywood and withdraw your money from the bank. I wish I had a battle axe and a crossbow not to mention a few fireball and healing spells. Where is the voice in my head whispering prophecy and direction. You may need god, I need a dungeon master.

I can't believe I haven't been blogging. I beseech you to know in your hearts that I was continually thinking about blogging and sharing my thoughts with you....i can't stress this enough I want a transmitor chip in my head so I can THINK AND POST. I will be a media darling when that happens. I wish I had some howard hughes foundation money so that I could commision that. I know we have the science to pull it off, just like we can cure cancer and drive without draining the earth, we just choose not to. Every red voter who loses someone to a disease that would have beeen wiped out with stem cell research gets no sympathy from me, sorry where were you when I needed your vote dueche bag!

I am so sick of this "well if you liberals didnt ridicule our culture and jesus and mock us maybe you would win"..."There you go again turning off voters ...." Thats BULLSHIT these people, to quote the W, "hate our freedom" and would never vote for Kerry or any moderate/democtrat...its just they got enough of them out of the house to tip the scales. I view, and you wont hear this cracker jack assesment ANYWHERE else, Kerry lost the election in the second debate where Charlie Gibson fed Kerry two straight abortion/right to life questions in a row at the very end. One was a stem cell research question from a far right pro life position, followed up by a federal funds for abortion question. Both of these were policy statements cloaked as questions and set Kerry up to scramble for political answers. As soon as that happened you could hear white trash getting up off their couches to go to the polls.

Oh well game over, 2006 is critical for Dems.

Instant Run-off Voting, get to know it get to love it.

Yours in Rip Van Winckle