Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Me and Laura Bush Love the Oysters at the Mercer Kitchen

So I am standing outside the Mercer Kitchen in SOHO and just watched First Prig Laura Bush leave her lunch and get into a secret service escalade. Gotta say, very surreal. Thank god I have the Sidekick so I could instantly Blog on this occurance. She was wearing a red blazer and was surrounded by security. It looked as if she was with one of her party girl daughters. The blond one.

One funny moment was when one of the secret service stopped an old school NYC lefty with a no bush button on her floppy hat. He made a joke with her and let her go. I don't even think she knew what was going on and she wandered past literally seconds before The First Prig came out.
As Laura exited the restuarnt their were throngs of people. Only in NYC can u gather this many gawkers. I was instantly sucked in. At first I was hoping new Met wife Anna Benson was enjoying the fruits of her new city, but when one onlooker said it was LB I knew I had to sit around and wait for the show.

I wonder if this lower manhattan lunch trip was a message to go about our lives here in ORANGE TERROR ALERT NYC. And if Bush and his cronies we were really so worried about attacks do you think she would be lunching here at the intersection of Mercer and Prince? Aparently she was here to thank everyone for coming to work with the THREAT. Like these clockpunchers have a choice! Was yesterday any more dangerous than any day post 9/11???? Was her well orchestrared visit just part of the fear election stradegy of the last 72 hours? I will be happy to report that only one person of about 75 clapped as she walked ito her black SUV.

After 9/11 I was pretty hawkish on terrorists and ready to buy into some of this crusades like mentallity. Which explains why I am so much more pissed off now because Bush & Co. have turned all of this fear, security, terrorism into such a farce that I can't even in good faith be anything less than a conspiracy theorist nutball even though I am SURE terrorism will strike again. This terrorism as campaign stradegy is high treason and when/if the truth ever comes out heads should bounce down Pannsalvania Ave like basketballs. The last few days have run so smoothly for Republicans with the terror imagery, the army of pundits questioning peoples patriotism and the skewed baby bounce poll numbers that it reads like a sequel to Wag the Dog. I also believe that this is all a run up to the RNC convention as they are making sure Bloomberg has the goon squads ready to bust protestor heads and spark riots to blacken the anti Bush movement. And you know that if NYC makes the rebublicans look bad they will punish us by withholding federal funds. That's why Bloomberg is bieng such a wuss. Dark days indeed. Here is a good conversation between Norman Mailer, the original angry young man, and his son about the impending riots.

Yours in Terreze Hienz Kerry