Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Yeah I am bitter. I couldn't eek out a living swiming in this cess pool. But blessings often come like a rabbit punch. The last 15 years of rabid and debilitating music fandom has left me in a cynical well informed malaise to anything that purpots to be melodious sound waves. I like to brag that I hate music. The problem is that I only wish it were true. Instead I am scorned lover at home getting a hard on over my anger and pain.

Mary who puts food on our table by snorkeling with these sharks and she is sick of my attitude. Last week she wisely commented that she wished I knew nothing about "pop music" so the running commentary could be shut off. And I get her point because truth be told I annoy myself as well.

So with that intro I launch the new ALBUMS I WOULD DOWNLOAD FOR FREE features to Bile & Venom that should help solidify my belief to be music hackery's last champion! My goal is 2 capsule album reviews a week. Here we go...

WILCO A Ghost Is Born: Minumum listens before dumping to trash: 5. Takes awhile to break through and us much as you would love to see midas touched sad sack Tweedy stumble once (I said I was bitter) he again delivers a great album. He reminds me of those kids in High School who were able to get attention and chicks by flaunting there flaws. "Aww he's so cute he has diabetes, pooor baby is color blind, when he cuts himself I get wet" ect.. When I listen to Ghost Is Born it makes me feel the same as when I read The Corrections. Both works made me long for mental illness and dysfunction. Normally I am a pretty sane well ajusted chap but maybe it would be cool to be sychtzo or strung out. Reading Frazen or listening to Wilco gives me that hit of psuedo melencholy I need. Now all this brings us to track 11, the infamous noise jam. Is this the first turd in Wilco's Canon? Their "She's So Heavy"? Even compared to other noise jams and droning experimentation it sucks. Tweedy has said it suppossed to make you hit the next button and is purposely not the last track. Even the Flaming Lips had the coutesy to place their wankery as the last track on Hit To Death on the Future Head. Mission accomplished Jeff. I left it off completely on the transfer to the IPOD. Maybe that makes me a simpleton and the joke is on me.