Thursday, June 24, 2004


So I know I have dropped the ball like Ernest Byner on the blog front for the last month or so. I am as depressed about it as you believe me!!!!!! In honor of the newest BLOGGER in the Duke Loop I will list my excuses:

1. I got Married

2. I went to Belize

3. My TMOBILE SIDEKICK has been either broken, the replacement arrived broken and I can't afford the bill at this time so I am tied to my monolith desktop.

4. I have been driving to work more which means less time in deep thought on the subway.

5. I just completed books 6 and 7 of Stephen King's Dark Tower series and it sucked up my free time

6. A lovely trip to Marysville Ohio. And I dont care what Paquette says door to door its 12 hours. And I averaged 85 MPH, 95 on curves.

7. Too much freakin work, and still havent been able to deposit a paycheck in a month!

8. Endless cleaning up of cardboard boxes and packing popcorn. Not a complaint mind you, simply a fact.

9. The misery of my mediocre Fantasy Baseball team,the Carroll Street Draft Day Bandits.

10. My obsession with Air America Radio. (More to follow)


So wednesday me and Summer Dan checked out the new hit comedy Dodgeball. Have to say was not disappointed. Good satire, funny characters and the best Ben Stiller performance since The Royal Tennenbaums. My boyfriend Vince Vaughn was kept on a short leash which was my biggest complaint with the movie. BUT he still had some classic lines. The dude to me is the funniest thing going as even a lifted eyebrow or shoulder shrug has me in hysterics. Granted he wasn't on fire like his performances in Made and Old School but he still had me choking on my diet coke and popcorn at one point. If you haven't seen Made your missing one of the funniest single performances in the last 25 years.

Summer Dan commented that the first half was better than the second half, which to me is essential to a classic comedy. I am so glad that the comedy is making a strong comeback lately and am beside myself with excitement over the impending Anchorman, which costars a person I am beating in Fantasy Baseball. Also VV does a reportedly hysterical cameo.


Just wanted to make sure that I throw a gigantic THANK YOU to who all of you who came to Mary and I's wedding. We had a blast as Mary said it was the best day of her life!!!! That excitement might recede once she gets to realize what she has gotten herself into....

I really appreciate all the photos and positive comments since we returned to the states. Also a GIANT congrats to our fellow nuptial cohorts Grace & Josh and Jaime and Kacy!!!!!

Links to Pictures of wedding:

Alex J

I hope to do a Belize recap in the near future!


I know that the the Lawrence family of bloggers has SUCKED the last month and it leaves many to wonder if we were short timers! But alas we are back and ready to kick ass. But just as we are getting out of the gate mi madre went and BROKE HER ARM! But dont think that slows this women down. She has written a scathing blog on Middle Musings about the unfairness of life. She doesn't think that anyone reads her blogs and she needs comments like somepeople need oxycotin, so maybe give her a FEEL BETTER!!!! Once I post this opus only THE NORMAL TEENAGER WILL still be sucking. And believe me he has lots to blog about like how he is finally getting some action from that best friend he whined about for months!!!!


OK I have to get on with the futility of my day but soon I will be posting my complete thoughts on Air America Radio (I am pro by the way) and also some travelouges about Belize! And also hopefully more machine gun thoughts on a REGULAR basis.

Yours in matrimony,