Friday, April 02, 2004

The other day while I was moving my junk into the new LOVE SHACK (baby!) I overheard a hysterical conversation. It was a contractor working on the brownstone nextdoor. He was on his cell talking to a client who still owed money. In a very calm and controlled voice he was like:

You better have the money for my men today, this is bullshit. You don't want me to come for it next week. If I have to come it won't be to chat. I will hurt you. If I have to pay you a visit it will end with me going to jail and you going to the hospital. That you can count on.

There was other menacing talk that I wish I coiuld remember better. Some real Sopranos type shit. I felt honnored to overhear this gem......I will be going to jail, you to the hospal.....brilliant. I now hunger for more details. Ok I have to order my ice coffe now.

Yours in Pauley Walnuts,