Wednesday, March 24, 2004

So I really think the HOWARD STERN factor is going to really bite old Bush II on the ass. I am a Stern FANATIC so call me bias BUT this FCC/NIPPLEGATE/THE PASSION/NO WMD/RICK SANTORUM/URBAN OUTFITTERS coup de tat of the ole' US of A is FRIGHTENING beyond belief.

Stern is currently spending his (last?) days smacking Bush and right wing warriors around like drunk sparring partners and doing more damage than an army of cloned John Kerrys could.

ANY WAY.....I think story and the many facted issues aren't going away antime soon as we prepare to do battle with men who activily look to tear down our rights. Stern has turned his personal website (which previously he admittedly underused) into a clearinghouse for anti bush/pro stern, anti religous conservatives/pro freespeech funny/serious links. I love it! I could stay on it for hours! Check it out:


  • Also you might notice a new link on the right. Its to The good doctor Gonzo's regular sports/politics column on ESPN's Page 2. In these dark and mysterious times who better to look to for wisdom than Mr. Fear & Loathing himself. Also you can get gambling tips!