Monday, March 22, 2004

I am back. Is there a legal limit on how many blog enteries in a day one can post??? I am sure Colin Powell's nephew is working on anti blogging legislation as I type.

Speaking of typing, I will be writing a good amount of blogs on my TMOBILE Sidekick. This is only the greatest thing I have ever owned. 2 weeks ago when I lost my recharger and was without my robot friend I almost hung myself. The fact thta I am posting my random thoughts to the WORLD WIDE WEB while whipping around in a brooklyn gypsy cab is the greatest thing to happen to new journalism since Dr. Gonzo gave up his dreams of bieng a novelist.

BUT the smale tmobile key board makes me prone to typos. Make the leap with me people I am confident you can deduce my meaning. I am not tapping out al queda code or anything

Speaking of alqueda have they not completely won the war on terrorism? What's the over under on the death toll, american and otherwise, on bush's watch. I will set it at 1000 and bet my paycheck on over...

This fuckin driver has his squack box set to inhuman decibles. I am writhing in pain in the back in the back seat. It sounds like the chatter before a terrorist strike to.