Wednesday, March 24, 2004

So here I am sitting here wasting valuable time waiting to play a Hecklers gig....

Every god damn time the promoter/club insists we get to the venue like mega early. Like tonight for example we had to be here at 645 on a freakin Tuesday night. I mean we are workin stiffs its a real pain in the ass to bust it to get there that early. But of course when we show up some little east viallage twat that looks like that chick mia suvlaki from American Beauty tells us we can't even unload the car until 730 and that is the policy 7 days a week. Why the hell didn't the promoter tell us that!!!!!!!!

Now we are sitting in the dank cold basement of the Club Lit listening to the metal band Symphony X on the house PA. They sound like a cross between Europe and Yngvie Malmsteen. Oh Rock n Roll, gotta love...

Actually lately I have been hating rock and roll more and more but I can't explain exactly why. Broken promises, the fact that shit rises to the top almost without fault. Makes me want to buy a season pass to the symphony.

And don't even start me off on live concerts I am almost over that as I am right wing christian groups.

Do these people have lives. I am calling for internment camps. Round up christian extremists and give them utah or alabama to run as their own country and make the visas to the rest of the country damn near impossible to attain. Let them outlaw fun, sex. Minorities. Swearing, abortions, gays, music, movies, medical research, evolution in their own country and let all uf sane live and let live types have the rest of the country.

Yours in allah