Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I am so sick of my dual apartment system. Always trudging my ass and a bacpack up the steep park slope hills. I gotta say I am revved up about the idea of gettin hitched in a few months maybe its my 32 year old geezer status but getting some donesticity into my life sounds right good.

What doesn't feel good are my burning calves rounding on to 6th ave. Walking is way overated unless you enjoy being healthy. New york has got to be the walking capital of the western world. I feel like half my life is spent navigating jagged sidewalks. Currently I am walking and typing pretty musch not looking up from the console. At any moment I could trip and fall causing signifigant damage to myself and my robot friend. But I thrive on danger and I do this for you the bloging q public. Like charlto....whoops almost just got hit by a car....n heston jr. I pardon my critics.....

Yours in jim chevizal