Wednesday, March 24, 2004


This blog shit is melting my brain all I think about is BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG. MUST READ WRITE BLOGS ALL THE TIME..

I wish I just had a microchip in my head that I could think "prepare text for uplink" than babble out a bunch of mental diharea (dont care if spelled wrong) and some than when I run dry of I think "end text" and than "uplink thought-speak to blog and publish."

Until they do that its an imperfect system yet one I am fully on board with. I even like reading other people's blogs its all quasi personal I love that. Like the study that just said people are MORE honest online. Does that mean that most internet users are woman 5'3 120lb C/D cup? But sereiously folks people love to lie all the time that is the true national past time.

Every jerkoff should get a blog, I like the idea that everyone just vents in a text box their minutia and hang up. Maybe it will make people more relaxed out here in the unvirtual world when like for instance you trample me on the subway.

Yours in blaw2828