Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Hey long time no blog. So freakin busy. blah blah. I hate people who are all I AM BUSY...we all are asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok....Fanatasy baseball is going to rule. I am already flying under radar and luvin it. Balgavy might not see it as he crunches the numbers. Let be said I have built around AROD well. We will be in the mix and our young pitching is going to FLOURISH like you would NOT believe. Santana, Peavy, Beckett...NICE F' all ya'all in my league.

Subway ramblings...ie I am pathetic...not altured from ramblings...

Do you ever get those days, weeks, months, years where everything seems to be spinning out of control. Like you have no way to manipulate events swarming around you. I am in the midst of one of those stress vortexes right now. Moving, marriage, grad school, small buisness, rock band, sick boss, sick dad its like some REAL WORLD kick in the mouth.

But the thing is as you ger older this stuff never slows down it just continues to bombard you until you learn to deal or go fucking insane!!!!!!!!!

Oh well......

I wish I had a job on the new liberal radio station. That sounds like fun. I don't even know if I can listen because I am so insanely jealous of the hosts. I have mixed emotions about al frankin. I do respect his SNL pedigree and think he is funnyu but do you ever start to feel like he is grave robbing this whole idea of the angry liberal? I haven't read his books but they seem to be obsessewd with revealing the man behind the curtain but since he is essentially preaching to the converted what is he accomplishing. Do Rush LImbaugh, O'Reily and Sean Hannity really reprsent........

Yours in the no spin zone,