Thursday, April 01, 2004


So I just finished moving everything out of 38 St. Marks Pl (my pld apt). Kinda room is all the way bear waiting for one Matt Army to take the reigns. I have spent the last 2 days moving over records, cds, comic books, action figures, electroncis, clothes, a few pieces of furniture related to housing the previous list. Got say the new pad is going to Kick ass with me and the little lady. But I would be lying if I didnt says it feels wierd to be spending my last nights in these hallowed halls so let me do the muster roll call that I join as X-38 st marksters:

John Zuliwaga
Mackey (R.I.P.)
kip Kouri
Anne Fornecker
Nancy Fischeler
Jim Flood
Kevin Defenbaugh
Jason Coolie
Jill & Ed Shelf Life
Carl's Girlfiend
Angela Coppala
Dave P

Lots of amazing memories here certainly, the Sexy Swinging Singles Party, Sopranos pot luck, family dinners, christmas parties, The Sock Hop, first Hecklers gig, The Shelf Life basement indie rock marathon, rearranging furniture on sept 12th 2001, mindaltering latenights, waiting for larry/17/evergreen, too many amazing sports moments to name, craps/poker parties, private rushmore screenings, eric & amie 8mm film festival, fantasy baseball draft, ncaa draft pools, HBO sundays, record listening, WCAL broadcasts, the "book", Olympic headquarters, easter dinners, Crush Factor writing sessions, Bel, science fiction wall, 20 Midgets, and so on and so forth...

I just realized I have lived here longer than any place except my childhood home.

Feel free to post about this classic location on the comments section, favorie memories, pest residents, worst memories ect.

Yours in 38 St. Marks Pl Brooklyn,