Thursday, April 08, 2004

Wow I thought our last gig sucked.......

I am sitting in the Slipper Room on a wed with an annoyong cold and a foul temper. Afrer 7 long stupid years of the Heckers here we are wasting time on some suburbanized watering hole in the whitewashed Lower east side basically waiting our turn on some open mike night. Currenly we are enduring this horric jc from Insync wanna be croon on an electric piano. Its like talent night on Greek row at campus town usa, only worse. Oh great the Bongos just kicked in. And I am wondering why when I have a grant, research paper and a curriculum to write plus a wedding to plan and an apt to unpack I am sitting here waiting to embaress ourselves in front of a sea of bad makeup and thursday happy hour buzzes?

Justin or jarvis or whoever is singing his newest hit "colorblind"

This is gig is put together by this website we got involved with called wise elephant. They tried to get into this artist services type thing but shocker it didn't work out. This gig I agreed to do months ago when it looked like a good idea. Now the site is going under and we find out what an afterthought this whole thing was. The site and date have been moved for this gig and its been crammed into....

Ok I have to get off this because Jerkin's stage banter is so hysterical I can't even do it justice I would trade a cousin for a microphone so I could record and share it with you all. He is treating his 5 friends like he was onstage at the Royal Albert Hall

"New york I love you"

"Its so hot but I do it for you"

" This song is emotionaly intense"

"This song is about rachel sitting right there because we have a history I am not gonna get into right now"

"Sign up on my email list, maybe we'll connect, maybe we can date"

I am now watching the girl this song is about, some trashy jersey girl type blush with her huge honker. The bongo (yes Bongos) player is so off beat it sounds like a police beating. I wish he would brain Jared with them. I am now visualizing the bongos taking off a chunk of jasons skull.

So we played OK but who cares I am so over the whole dog and pony show of it all. I know my boy from (formely) of Wise Elephant had good intentions but this gid was a waste. I think us and Alchol Stuntband would have been a good match up in a real rock club with a receptive audience and some decent promotion. Part of that is our fault as we didnt even send out an email. Our drummer/tech guy Paul is to busy to send an email out for a show that was booked 3 months ago so what do we expect. Why do I do it? I am asking myself that very same question repeatedly!!!!!

I HATE MUSIC, sometimes I don' Definetely has too many notes!

Yours in Wise Elephant,

P.s. Alex I love you baby! Glad your back making films!