Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I am riding the uptown 3 train on my way to school. I am exhausted from 2 straight nights of intense homework, writing grants and research projects. Stressed out for my third attempt at the NYC drivers test. I looked forward to the 45 minute zone out time of my train ride. BUT instead I got some loud wacked out black isrealite SCREAMING at the entire train. Just yelling and spitting literally 2 feet from my face. I feel like snapping his neck that's why I am furiously typing as a way to dump the anger this dude is inspiring in me. He is yelling about black people and how everyone is evil. And we are all going to our pagan jobs preparing to burn in hell....

I am so tired of people preaching their ignorant self serving bullshit all the time. Everywhere I look religon is bieng used to enslave, terrorize, restrict, frighten and scare people. Its the root of 99 percent of the worlds problems. Christians, jews, muslims, hindus....FUCK THEM ALL.

I feel like most of us are just trying to survive in this life, swiming upstream minding on our buisness. This train is like a microcosm of life. Most if us are tired, overworked, stressed out unwashed masses just trying to make it through a day in a world loaded against us. But instead we are huddled in fear and intimidation by a religous extremist who needs to scream his ego dominating everyone. HEAR ME HEAR ME HEAR ME its what the right wing christian says, its what the islamic extremist says, its what the wacky celebrity kabalists say, what the scientologists and the catholics say......its trhe kind of spiritual masturbation that holds all of us down by the neck like a dog who just shit on the carpet.

He finally got off at 42nd street, probably to joun his other brothers in abraham in times square to yell at the buisness casual crowd as they sip their latte's and get that last smoke before hitting the slaughter pen, I mean cubicle.

Say after me brothers and sisters:

UGH, and again I say UUUGHH

Yours in Yahweh,