Thursday, April 08, 2004

Hey gang here is details on Mary and I's upcoming PARTY:

Hello Friends!!!!!!!!

Mary and I (and the good people of 38 St. Marks) would like to invite you to the last blow out-wish we were still in college- keg party of our single lives!!! Yes it’s the very 21st century Co-Bachelor/ette Party!!!

Judging on the rich history of the 38 St. Marks party lore this promises to be ONE FOR THE AGES! One last time before walking down the aisle you can witness ME being loud and walk on furniture at my own party (and hopefully stay awake) and for Mary to hold court over half the room with Menudo stories and her newest yarn "Can you believe what Chris said/did this time." We promise to be in our best raucous mood like in our pre LOVE days when at one happy hour we were dubbed "Battle of the Louds"

I hope you can join us!


WHEN: Saturday April 17th 10PMish

WHERE: 38 St. Marks Place, Brooklyn. Between 3rd and 4th Ave. Close to Atlantic/Pacific Station (D/W/Q/N/2/3/4/5). Exit Pacific exit and walk 4 blocks away from the clock tower. Take right on St Marks from 4th ave.

PHONE: 718 246 1404 OR 347 866 4363