Thursday, April 15, 2004

Yo mama's boys and girls!

My family has caught BLOG FEVER, you already know about BLAW (and he is dying for more feedback on his comments page, he's a teen he needs praise and ass kicking!) and my other bro SLAW is a commenting madman especially on my REDSKINS BLOG but now my MOTHER has gotten into the act with her newly launched MIDDLE MUSINGS blog. This woman can write her ass off and its where all my prowess comes from so check it out and tell her middle age ain't THAT BAD, not that 99% of you have ANY CLUE!!!

Speaking of old age, at Bank Street (my grad school) on of my friends was talking about her new Apartment (literaly 1 block from me..) and kept talking about how her roomate was al "adult" and "mature" b/c she was 31! YIKES i am 31 and will soon be 32! Finally after like the 10th referance I was like "everytime you say that you drive a knife in to my heart I AM 31" they were all like...sorry gramps...and than started talking about how 25 is when it all starts to go downhill.....did they not here me or just don't care about my feelings....WHAAAA...if these ladies cant handle 25 wait until 30 punches them in the mouth.....

Check out Dor's/Glo's/Mom's blog and continue to understand "Lawrence Luck" as Blaw talks about....Mary do you know what your doing, of course you do your not taking the cursed name HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Your's in Dor,