Monday, May 10, 2004

Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile....I know I know I suck. Its irresponsible. I actually have a couple unfinished mobile entries, the subway diaries, that I will post in bold in an another entry right after I belch this one out.

So I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY passed the New Your State/City road test to be an officially licensed driver. This is the first time I have had a valid drivers license since 1996. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t driven. I have driven like a muthafucka, but now I am legal baby!!!!! I haven’t felt this good about a document since I got my first passport 2 months ago.....well before that it has been a long time!!!!

Now I have been trying to get it for some time, I am on my second permit, have taken the "5 HOUR COURSE" Twice, have taken the written test twice, Have taken the road test an embarrassing FOUR TIMES, spent a chunk of change not to mention lost a few precious hairs on the old scalp.

Today went smooth as the instructor was joe cool, a real baddaaass type that put me to chill right away. Now I have had some nightmare road trips, I am a fine driver, any issues with it can be taken up on the comments page, but I am so comfortable that I don’t drive "correctly" as don’t 97% of all drivers with 6 months more exp or more. Also I tense up in the test, I am a suck-ass test taker, I will admit it, so with each failure the mental demon of the event had taken a real paranoia/fear trip in my head that wasn’t helping pass the frickin' thing. I wont bore you with the pathetic details; in fact see blog entry #1 for my report from the shitter about more of my license issues. Anyway it’s good to be free of this petty burden.

Yours in red tape,