Friday, July 30, 2004

DNC is Over and Joe Scarborough must Die!

Wow. Quite a show. Too bad the networks couldn’t cut away from reruns of CSI: Dubuque and The Swan to show Obama or Jimmy Carter. The Dems have gotten very polished and seem sleek and sexy for this scrap. As much as I could bitch, I am officially biting the tongue and unleashing my full evilness on W. So no long reviews about the Dems ignoring Gay issues other than winks and nods or leaving the whup ass stick at home on the evil-doers in the White House.

Kerry’s speech really worked when he aggressively took back issues like values, family and patriotism. I was like speak it brother, I am so sick of the Republicans co-opting that kind kneejerkery.

Joe Scarborough is so transparent with his motives and agenda on MSNBC. Could we all be any more tired of this smarmy-jokey-frat boy-cool guy-business casual archetype conservative pundit. It is like they just discovered detached cynical wisecrakery! Former Congressmen Joe’s first comments after the speech immediately transformed him into Joan Rivers. He admitted that the speech content was excellent, but that Kerry’s diction and cadence was weak and he trampled his best lines. WHAT? SHUT UP! Don’t we have bigger issues facing the country/world/universe? Like Bush isn’t Alfered E. Newman on ludes everytime he opens his mouth. What Me Worry?

Hienz-Kerry: White Mischief hits the Big Time

In one of his first post DNC stump speeches Bush gave a preview of the GOP’s strategy saying “the most important reason to keep me in office is to Keep Laura Bush as the first lady for four more years!” which got uproarious applause from the xenophobes in the crowd. Is this the best they can do? Aren’t we sick of attack the wives bit. They are attacking the widow of a Republican Senator and a woman who gives millions to charity monthly. “She talks funny she must be French”. Can we now start classifying Laura Bush as the tightlegged prig who is so deep in a Paxil haze that she admitted on Leno that the goal of any election is to make the other candidate/family look as bad a possible.

Lt Liesure Time Larry, and I am reporting for duty!

So I am still thinking on the Coffe Flats Writers Guild. But I really feel the need to DO SOMETHING for this election but am sort of at a loss as to what. Any ideas collectively that we/I/you could do. I was thinking about offering to drive Brooklynites to the polls with the jeep (you know like the elderly and shit) but I am coming up kinda empty. There is always money, which is prolly best but so personally unsatisfactory. Also the RNC in NYC is coming up and I feel the need to do something than as well. Maybe we should all cover the convention on our Blogs in some way. A cooridanted assault/reporting on the battlezone that Manhattan will become. Who is in!?!?!?!