Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kitty Kelly and Lou Dobbs sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G.......

Did anyone see Dobbs interview Kitty Kelly on his show today??????? That was some sexual heat for these two geezers. Dobbs gushed about the book like no other talking head since the white house has been threatening da media with firing squads. These two teenagers were making eyes, complimenting eachother, blushing, it was great TV and I got a little turned on.

A few notes on these star crossed lovers:

Lou Dobbs: Could he be the next Walter Cronkite? He is the only anchor who seems to value independent thought. Obviously he is fiscally conservative and has stated he has mainly voted republican, but he has been trasnformed into a crusader for working people and corporate responsiability. Watching him gives me faith in "thinking people" which takes a beating daily and will probably be killed on November 2. Check out his website for a list of companies exporting jobs.

Kitty Kelly: I believe anything she says in her book, and am sure it is a fascinating read. I think its all basically obvious. BUT it only helps defeat Kerry and couldnt be worse timed, it will only cause defending and sympathy for all Bushes, even Neil.

Other Distressing Tidbits from the News Cycle:
1. These forged Bush documents. And yes I think its pretty obvious that they are forged. CBS should be ashamed. Eddy Morrow is doing jumping jacks in his grave. CBS in a rush to shock forgot the last shred of journalistic ethics they were swinging from. BUT dear friends lest you think I am suggesting this is liberal dirty tricks or a liberal media, jump back. This was the work of Bush/republican dirty tricks. They obviously floated these laughable documents under the right ratings-monger noses, knowing the blowback would be intense and ultimately be blamed on Kerry.

OK dinner time More later.......

Yours in my wife's turkey sausage tomato sauce,
Student Teacher Larry