Thursday, August 19, 2004


As a son of a Vietnam vetern who has lived with the scars of Vietnam on my family my entire life I am sickened by this swift boat controversy. I just read a new article in the Wshington Post that has me literally shaking and combined with the extra large ice coffe I downed while watching my USA BB Dawgs defeat the aussies at 730 AM turning my bowls like a washing machine.

I can't even formulate the obvious counter attacks. The fact that this has stuck with the american people make me disgusted to be an American. That is strong talk from me especially during the Olympics which makes me into a complete patriotic nut job.

I want our country back. I want some civility, class, honesty, kindness, forgiveness, SOME MOTHER FUCKING CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR. I dont count my self on the Christioan team, and at best a closet pagen, but where has the christian values gone in this country. We have become an ethical Sodom & Gamora with the most vocal "christians" embracing EVIL (yes he said...EVIL...) like a free handjob.

Kerry you need to take it strong to the hole, or look like a wuss. AND John McCain will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be a man and denounce Bush for the rich little pussy bitch that he is and back Kerry. Enough with the "party of Teddy Roosevelt" crap turn your back on the Republicans. Bush already used this tactic on your service record and your adoption of a little "black baby" AND your wife's pill problem during the 2000 primaries. Your gonna support that over a man you fought side by side with in the Senate to clear up the POW/MIA issue. When are you gonna be a MAN/WOMEN/HUMAN BEING????????????????????????

Here email McCain and call him out for the shill he really is:

Here is some contact info for Swift Boat veterans for THE DEATH OF TRUTH. Spam them, send them viruses, anything.....

Contact Swift veterans at

Send web site questions to

For media inquiries, use

Yours in LT,
Chris Lawrence