Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Olympics Kick Ass!!!!! Negoids BE GONE!!!!!!

Youthlarge beat me to the wall with her Olympic entry. Thanks for the motivation!

I still owe a large treatise on the Little Steven International Garage Underground festival last Saturday. I had a Biff Bang Blast and lots of thoughts and observations as well as some tmobile on the scene reports to come soon (ish..). Let me say this The Dictaors killed, The New York Dolls was a once in a lifetime event, and Big Ups to Iggy Stooge who rocks it at almost 60. If you like the Strokes I can't like you. Like I said more later stay tuned.....

Back to the Olympics:

I love this shit. Its like a holiday that even makes the other humdrum bullshit in life seem manageable. I am so sick of anti-Olympic stories/people/comments/ whatever. Bush should be neutered for politicizing it. Have you seen that commercial for him that celebrates the Iraq and Afghan teams???? That’s some big onions he's got. The republicans are masters of cheapening anything that is truly emotional in a golly gee I love the USA way. I will admit when I watched the Iraqi team walk in during opening ceremonies I got choked up and I am mos def rooting for them in soccer.

In my further attempt to be positive let me throw out words of support to the new wave free Triple Cast coverage by the NBC Cable family. Since I work from home often I can watch day coverageon MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, USA AND NBC. They have really done a great job at bringing events, sometimes live, in their entirety. I have watched full Basket Ball (commercial free!!) games, Volley ball matches. soccer and a shitload of Boxing...


CNBC from 5-8 est shows nothing but Boxing. I love Olympic/amateur boxing and the last 15 years NBC has phased it out because of its declining popularity. The pro game is so sickened that it helped kill armature boxing. Remember the Olympics gave us Cassius Clay, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, The Hearns Brothers, Evander Hollyfield, Riddick Bowe, Roy Jones Jr, and Oscar De Hoya just to name some obvious ones. But on CNBC you get bout after glorious bout, and the US team is very competitive despite suffering our first loss today when 17-year-old high school junior Rau'Sheed Warren got a tough first round draw. But one good reason to check out the Sweet Science is NBC commentator Tony Atlas. This Stanen Island native and boxing expert is both funny to laugh at and with and breaks the matches down so that a few bouts in your knowledgeable about the sweet science on a cerebral level.


I have a lunch bet on whether A.I. and his dawgs can win a gold medal with my boss Stu. I bet on my country and our game. I know the world has caught up, USA BB picked the team like they were signing autographs at the mall rather than competing for national pride and the hip hop street nature of BB has its "limitations" BUT I am rooting for these guys like a muthafucka. This team has single-handedly taken the given of USA gold in BB and created an underdog story for themselves. The game against Greece was high drama and I watched every pass, shot and a few dunks. I will tell you this: Carmelo Anthony is a PUNK BITCH. Take that normal teen, bend your fuckin bill!!!!! Long Live King James. If TEAM STREETBALL doesn’t gut this out I may strangle my boss, please guys don’t let me down I don’t want to watch the NFL from jail with Jamal Lewis.

Yours in Athena,