Monday, November 15, 2004

Lesson #432 on why never show up to early to the club

Ok so I haven't blogged in like 6 months. In that time evil has won, the redsox are victorious in the world series, Mark Brunell crashed Gibbs' homecoming and I have refereed many o' game of booty Tag. But tonight I am moved to reconnect with yo, my limited public.

I am/was in the NYC club Irving Plaza on a friday night waiting to see The Velvet Crush and Mathew Sweet. I already know how dated and antiquated this makes me ao quick snickering. But anyway the wife said the show started early and I wanted to see the Velvet Crush so I am here early, but instead I am witnessing a the winner of a Fox Television contest for a band to do a cover of steeler wheels stuck in the middle with you. The reason bieng fox's syndication reruns of Malcolm in the Middle with you now dropping five days a week. The band is new waved out with eyeliner, skinny ties, hightop hair and swishy rockabilly wear. They sheepishly admit that they are a affiliated with fox and the hit sitcom and launch into their version of the Jerry Raferty (1/2 of the aforementioned steeler wheels. Legend has it that they wrote the song as a dylan parady and it blew up. Best used in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs) hit. Only the chorus is "now on 5 days a week malcolm in the middle with you." classic.

Once that was over and they could make their art they broght out 2 more new wave goons on keyboard and launched into even more new romantic fashion rock. I am literally living in a john hughes soundtrack. Currently now that I have caught up with real time, they are performing an ode to Love & Rockets the band. Did I already say classic. Now they are covering talking in your sleep. The singer has so much echo on his vocal on his mike its like a kids toy. Seeing bands can be so tedious.

Yours in Ivan Julian,