Wednesday, February 02, 2005

OK quick hit style since I am at work...

And yes it is officially work now as I have been hired to be the Video conferencing/Distance learning teacher at my new home away from home the Museum of Television & Radio!!!! This is only a part time job, but it does mean that I will be paid for two of the three days of my internship and will stay on the staff past my Bank Street internship. Suffice it to say I am crazy siked. Any teachers out there with VC capability lets TALK! We have programs on animation, muppets, Women on TV, Civil Rights on TV, Vietnam on TV and Advertising! Finally I will be the TV talking head I have always dreamed time to lose some weight as I have put on the married 50 pounds. I never realized all married people did was eat.

In my research for my new position I have discovered a great new theorist and theory, Connectivism. I am falling hard for it. Here is a the dude's blog elearnspace.

From his blog I also discovered an article by Christine Rosen in the New Atlantis about 'Egocasting' which is a strong argument against DVR's/Ipod's/Remote controls and On Demand cable, all things I happen to worship. However Ms. Rosen's piece is excellent and thought provoking, lets get some chatter up about it!

Coming Attractions:

I am going to totally rework the look of my blog, add pics and rework my links as I have have tons of new fave blogs, hopefully superbowl Sunday morning this will happen. Any suggestions...the way it is now sucks.

Movie list is on its way, I will post as blog entry. Kind of different format as I rank by genre. Will hopefully get link from when its done.

Thoughts on Iraq election, and some commentary on the phenom which is the Jeff Simmermon's blog entry about his conversion to imperialism.

Yours in media literacy,