Friday, February 04, 2005

Movie List Pt. 1

I only saw 19 films of the 2004 year in movies. I am embarrassed in front you, my maker and myself. Excuses are only more wasted karma. Most of what I saw I knew I would like and many held up, so while my quantity is down, quality has at least held the line. I don’t buy this notion that this was a toilet year for movies. It was average at worst, although I admit that the loss of Middle Earth had me feeling empty in my deepest consumer soul.

I have decided to take a throw-back approach and serialize my list on the blog over the next few days and than put the complete list on’s collection for digital posterity. So today…


1) Sideways: What can I add really. Giamatti has been brilliant in any movie since Private Parts. Really kicked About Schmidt’s ass.

2) Starsky & Hutch: Every so often in the dynastic cycle of comedy, groups of performers get known for working well together. We seem to be in the midst of a current bull rush by the Wilson brothers/Will Farrell/Vince Vaughn/Ben Stiller and ilk as they pump out the movies. (I insert cute take on Brat Pack here) I dig it. We also saw this after the little lady and I had endured an all day Pre-Canna class from the 4th dimension. The old queens Italian couple (both catholics AND previously divorced giving advice on marriage.) The place was packed with like 65 couples. So maybe I was just happy to watching my boy Vince and soak up the brilliant Farrell cameo, which was better than his characters in Elf or Anchorman.

3) Meet the Faulkers: Loved MtP1, liked MtP2. The baby genius and dog/cat stuff is disheartening, but the rest all works. Dustin Hoffman has not been this good in a movie since Tootsie. Have you seen the Terri Polo nudie pics. Yikes! Long way from Sports Night.

4) Dodgeball: How can I hate this movie as it was central to a Summer Dan & Liesure Time Larry outing? Vince was under used. Ben Stiller was named for like 5 razzies this year, and he is way overexposed but I still think he is funny, in fact funnier than he was like 10 years ago with garbage like Reality Bites. He is in 5 of my 6 comedies this year AND I liked 4 of’em. His over the top skit comedy character performance is my favorite of his many recent roles. Jason Bateman was good as was the ESPN parody. Rip Torn is always a sentimental favorite of mine, remember Summer Rental? Classic.

5) Anchorman: Paul Rudd is short. This movie is a cousin of the SNL character as entire movie genre. Still loved it though, so wont quibble. Gang fight scene was highlight as was Jack Black cameo. I get the JB thing a lot, which is dualy flattering and depressing. But as Mary will testify I say “that’s how I roll” almost as much as I claim to be a “wildman” so she flipped when he spit out that classic line.

6) Along Came Polly: OK give Stiller a Razzie on this one.

Comedies I am shamed for not seeing yet: I Heart Huccabees, Life Aquatic, Shaun od the Dead, Baadasssss, Mean Girls, Saved, Napolean Dynamite.

I will be desperately trying to catch up and maybe will do updates if viewed previous to Oscars.

Next Up: Drama!

Yours in Flash Gordon,