Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New Blogs Here! Get Your New Blogs here!

My own private blogesphere grows:

Coffe Flats Bloggers Guild Illini correspondents:

Planbreaker: Missives From the Midwest

df: My Life in Purgatory

Ee is a new friend who prefers a cloak of mystery. I am super into her Right Again! blog. An idea so good I'd steal it if i could get away with it...One secret that I will reveal is that she invented the use of "wicca" (i.e. thats so wicca, derived from the root Wiccan aka pagan witch religon) as a verb. Feel free to use and adapt

Ee: Right Again!
Ee: Crazy Talk

Also let me say an official goodbye from the first Coffe Flats Bloggers Guild's quitter, Whiskey Drinker. He tickled us with his brilliance and then left us hanging like the Man Called Horse.

"My daily fixes" will be updated to reflect these developments

The Public Editor