Friday, April 29, 2005

Hard Ponderin' Larry's 4 Minute Poltical Anaylsis #1,162

It dawned on me that there are negatives to the 20 year dominance of the activist right wing message machine, and I don't even mean the general decline of civilization. As the recent polls, news cycle and white house chess moves show the taint taste of a national mood shift has occured. Now all that jr. high level recap is not my new idea, what is, is the naming of the New Silent Majority: NORMAL THINKING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! Every poll we see about these counter-revolutionionary agendas by Republican wackos like ending fillabusters or killing judges, common sense and deep thought seem to be prevailing.....Hmm I have always assumed common sense and empathy were on the outs, but maybe we are all just cowed by pencil neck bully pulpit, milionare CEO Kenny-Boy Kountry Klub Komandos. But lately the ole' american common people are saying. "whoa relax with all this messin with ideas like "Sepeartion of Powers", "Seperation of Church and State", "Checks and Balances" and that "Judges Be Above Politics"........even the high school drop outs, roofers, waitreses and bank branch managers remember their 5th grade Social Studies, I mean we are a patriotic country, we value the Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence et. al so are we now, however meekly through internet polls and gas withdrawl, saying to these neo mccarthy Jimmy Swaggert Mr. Burns types, hey don't tread on me..?..!

Who knows, gotta jet........

Yours in the majority (just dont ask me to explain the election),
Hard Ponderin' Larry