Monday, February 13, 2006

Quick Hits!

The Return of Dick Buttons

I just scoured the internet for a pic of this Figure Skating legend and can't find one. I am super excited to have Mr. Buttons joining the NBC team. For decades he did the Olympics and other figure skating events for ABC. I have missed him since NBC took over. I missed his bitchy queen delivery, his ability to translate the sport to normal viewers and his openness to enjoy a routine even if it isn't technically perfect. Looking forward to his calls the next few weeks...

Speaking of Dicks

To me this whole Cheney quail hunting accident and its cover up is a perfect microcosm for the Bush/Cheney administration. The White House spin has been to push the responsibility of announcing the accident to the Ranch owner and has hinted that it was the victims fault. Pass the buck, blame the victim are mantras and policy for these hoods.


Some great additions to the Chris Larry blogesphere

Here Comes Trouble:Phoebe Plumley Great pics of Memphis' favorite daughter!

Ruminations From a Raleigh Court: My old buddy JB pontificates and educates.

Stu Overdue:
The propetier of the legendary Stooz Records finally has a mouthpiece for his ramblings and random thoughts. Make his day and give him some comments!

Hookers on Stilts: Discovered this one via myspace. I like reading blogs by people I don't know. Sassy and brash!

Neal Pollack's The Maelstrom: I love Pollack's book satirizing music journalism and the myth making of Rock music. I have also loved his recent New York Times Magazine essays no matter what Jeremy Paquette says! I am very much looking forward to his new book on parenthood. This blog had the best coverage of the James Fry fiasco I saw.

TV/Video Game Champion Steven Berlin Johnson: My fave pop theorist has good posts and good links.

Myspace Obsession

So I will admit that I am hopelessly lost in the world of myspace. I haven't and won't start a personal account but do maintain the Hecklers site and it has provided me with hours of useless fun. I have listened to tons of great songs, reconnected with old friends, created a superficial social network, aided my love of snooping, and given me yet another thing to obsessively update. The refresh button is my best friend. Click here for the Hecklers page, and please be our friend.

Coming Attractions!

More Winter Olympic thoughts. So far I have been semi into it, maybe not yet to my norm craziness. The Hockey will get me going. I do love the Red Tomato, best story weekend 1! And I could feel Youthlarge's glee as Apollo couldn't even make the final 1500 short track race.

The full Chris Larry band discography: From Papa Smurf and the Shrooms to the Hecklers looking back on a rock career of futility.

Yours in ADD/ADHD
Chris Larry