Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hecklers News!!!!

So a few new updates in the ever mundane world of The Hecklers:

Our My Space page is freshly updated with songs and what not. Check out our friends like Nancy and the Knockers, Four Deadly Questions and even Joan Jett and Nikki Corvette!

Also our new 7" single is out on Go Ape Records

And said new single has actually gotten a few spins like on WFMU and East Village Radio's Dot Dash Show.

I even know of three additional stations it has gotten spins! Wild......

Also apparently we got a mixed review in the issue of Maximum Rock and Roll but did make the reviewers top 10 of the issue, havent read yet though....will post the review here when I get it!

Yours in budget rock,
Chris Larry Heckler